Frames & Lenses

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We have a wide selection of stylish frames and many lens designs for single vision, multi-focal, progressive lens designs.  Additional lens features offered are anti-glare coatings, UV and blue light protection.  We offer a full suite of lens materials such as CR39, Trivex, Polycarbonate and high index.  

We can complete lab work in any type of frame, including grooved or drill mount as well as sport and safety frames.


Lens and Lens Options

There are generally 2 types of lenses: single vision and multifocal. Single vision lenses are designed for a single purpose such as reading, computer or distance vision. Depending on your age and prescription it is possible to have a single vision lens that could work for more than one task.

A multifocal lens comes in various formats. This lens design allows the glasses to have a prescription for more than one task, all in one lens. An example would be glasses that are used for distance and reading. Such lens designs could be a bi-focal lens or a progressive lens.

Lenses come in various materials. Depending on the patient's age, the prescription, and the patient's desire, a lens material will be select to best suit all those areas. Lens materials are available in: CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, High Index 1.60, High Index 1.67 and High Index 1.74.

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Enchroma Color Blind Lenses
Enchroma Color Blind Lenses

Lens Features

Lens features come in various options to help improve vision and offer protection. Some features are:

Antiglare Coating - Help reduce glare especially at night, the coating is also applied to the backside of the lens helping to reduce reflections from your own eye looking back at you, window or lighting reflections.

UV Coating - Absorbs 100% of UV to protect your eyes, much like sunscreen does for your skin (but part of the coating, no need to apply)

Blue Light Protection - Studies have shown that blue light from devices such as your computer screen, cell phone, TV, etc emit a wavelength in the blue spectrum. This can affect your sleep patterns and possibly cause damage to your eye. Coatings and materials to protect against blue light can help reduce the negative effects of blue light.

Enchroma Lens - Specialized lesnes, EnChroma invented glasses to address red-green color blindness. EnChroma lenses deliver up to 35% better color performance, render whites and neutrals more accurately, and are scientifically proven to stimulate your brain’s color vision processing. Currently available in prescription and non-prescription lenses for Duetan and Protan patients.

Lenses that adapt to changing light conditions - Sometimes call photochromatic or Transition Lenses® are lenses that change to help protect your eyes and provide better vision comfort. They change from clear to dark lenses in a matter of minutes while offering UV protection (when clear or dark)

Polarized Lens - Ever have a tinted lens but still find yourself squinting? That was probably because your lenses were not polarized. Polarized lenses are layers generated into the lens that help align light. In doing this they significantly reduce glare, increase contrast and can help you just relax your eyes on a bright day. They also offer UV protection. Available in many colors it's a must for any pair of sunglasses.

If you have any questions on frames, lenses, lens options, or your prescription, feel free to reach out - we love talking optical!