Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

We offer a full selection of soft, hard, hybrid, daily, weekly, month and yearly lenses.  We can have contacts shipped to you next day if we don't have them in stock.  Free standard shipping with most 1 year supply orders.  Some Popular brands: Alcon, Alden, Bausch & Lomb, Cooper Vision, Johnson & Johnson, Synergy, Unilens & Vistakon (among others).

Spherical: the most commonly prescribed contact lens. Indicates the same power can be found around the entire contact lens; so if it rotates around the eye, vision will remain the same.

Toric: prescribed when your glasses prescription indicates enough cylinder (astigmatism) that vision through a spherical lens will still be blurry. Toric lenses identify two major planes of correction so these lenses are weighted to reduce lens rotation while wearing them.

Multifocal: for patients who have both a distance AND a near prescription but do not want to wear bifocals or progressive glasses. Because of the format of the lenses, these fits may require multiple follow-up appointments.

MonoVision: a second option for those with distance and near prescriptions in which the dominant eye is given full distance correction while the non-dominant eye is undercorrected (or given plus power) for near vision.

Interested in exam services to wear or update existing contacts?  Find more information.


Contact Lens Packaging Recycling

Please consider the environment - Bring in your open contact lens blister packs for recycling.

Standard recycling doesn’t work

Because of their small size, contact lenses can get filtered out and end up in landfills.

Help reduce microplastics

Contact lenses contribute to the trillions of microplastics in our water that can harm fish and enter the food supply. Remember, NEVER dispose of your contacts down a drain (you know, link a sink or other type of plumbing features).

Recyled Count
Recyled Weight
~0.05 oz/ea

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